Wild About Baby (OCT 5)

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✖️DATE: OCT 5 ✖️

POST Time: 7pm EST / 6pm CST / 5pm MST / 4pm PST

We’re keeping it SIMPLE! All giveaways are opened internationally and available to ALL accounts. There is not a follower requirement and all accounts are welcome.

ALL Instagram Giveaways are Monday night and end Wednesday evening. Facebook Giveaways are Thursday night and end Saturday evening.

You are required to:

  • POST (Unless purchasing a Ghost Spot)
  • SAVE the Giveaway Post
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(3 Posts / 2 Story Posts MANDATORY)

▫️Initial POST: MONDAY NIGHT at 5pm MST (4PST/6CST/7EST)

▫️Initial STORY Post: MONDAY NIGHT at 5pm MST (4PST/6CST/7EST)

▫️Repost: TUESDAY NIGHT at 7pm MST (6PST/7CST/8EST)

▫️Final Post: WEDNESDAY by 12pm MST (11PST/1CST/2EST)

▫️Final STORY Post: WEDNESDAY by 12pm MST (11PST/1CST/2EST)


(No Posting Required! $25 Additional Fee)


▫️Group DM’s will open SUNDAY night. (Please check your requested folder!)

▫️Giveaway Promos, Script and related information will be sent in the Group DM.


We cannot guarantee specific gains. This is a Marketing Strategy and heavily relies on group participation. If you are unable to participate (post/save/engage) this will affect results and we ask that you not participate.

PLEASE NOTE: You are purchasing a marketing strategy to grow your Instagram account/shop/blog. Payments received are NOT an entry fee and participating in this marketing strategy you are not eligible to win or participate in any of the possible prizes. Payments sent are rendering marketing services to grow your social media.