Regular price $25.00

ADD ON ONLY! Must have purchased giveaway to be able to ADD ON Ghost Listing!

Want to participate, but not necessarily post? Secret giveaways are the latest thing! Grow your page without posting our promo!

You will still participate as a buy in and receive a DM with giveaway information but you will not be required to post! 

This is ideal for pages that have another giveaway present, have sponsored posts, or just don’t want to post for  cosmetic reasons!

Theres only 5 Ghost Spots per giveaway! So hurry and claim yours!

Why is it $25? Ghost posting is a CONVINIENCE FEE. We are providing an additional service to pages who overbooked, unable to post, or has a conflict. My business is Giveaways, providing ghosting spots meets a need only a few pages truly need.