ALL of SEPTEMBER (Posting Spot)

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We’re keeping it SIMPLE! All giveaways are opened internationally and available to ALL accounts. There is not a follower requirement and all accounts are welcome.


SEPT 7: Fall Baby

Sept 14: $500 Target

Sept 21: Fall Mama

Sept 28: $1100 Mama Makeover

ALL Instagram Giveaways are Monday night and end Wednesday evening. Facebook Giveaways are Thursday night and end Saturday evening.

You are required to:

  • POST (Unless purchasing a Ghost Spot)
  • SAVE the Giveaway Post
  • ENGAGE on the Giveaway Post


(3 Posts / 2 Story Posts MANDATORY)

▫️Initial POST: MONDAY NIGHT at 5pm MST (4PST/6CST/7EST)

▫️Initial STORY Post: MONDAY NIGHT at 5pm MST (4PST/6CST/7EST)

▫️Repost: TUESDAY NIGHT at 7pm MST (6PST/7CST/8EST)

▫️Final Post: WEDNESDAY by 12pm MST (11PST/1CST/2EST)

▫️Final STORY Post: WEDNESDAY by 12pm MST (11PST/1CST/2EST)


(No Posting Required! $25 Additional Fee)


▫️Group DM’s will open SUNDAY night. (Please check your requested folder!)

▫️Giveaway Promos, Script and related information will be sent in the Group DM.


We cannot guarantee specific gains. This is a Marketing Strategy and heavily relies on group participation. If you are unable to participate (post/save/engage) this will affect results and we ask that you not participate.