Welcome to LCB Giveaways!

Who We Are:
It all started when it occurred to me that I was paying WAY to much for marketing for my shop. Majority of the loops I was joining was so expensive! That's when it hit me! Growing your page shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. A buy in shouldn't be more than one of the items you are selling! This is why, we keep things affordable. We want you to have results without losing all your hard earned cash!
How This Works!
Once you submit your payment (including your IG Handle and Follower Count) we do the rest! 
24 hours BEFORE the giveaway date, you will receive a Direct Message (DM) on your IG account. The message will contain instructions, times, promo and script. If you cannot see the message, please check "Requested Messages" or message us immediately. 
The giveaway will instruct IG followers to follow all participating shops involved in this giveaway. (Which is how you are gaining followers)
All items involved in the giveaway are not endorsed by the companies.
Our giveaways run for 48 hours and we will provide all instructions through the DM. 
Once the giveaway closes, all participating pages will submit 1 nominee. We will then  randomly select 1 nominee to determine a winner.
All winners are posted on @lcb_giveaways 
Our Rules:
1. You must check in. Failure to check in could result to being removed from the Master Follow List.
2. Giveaway Promo and Script cannot be altered. 
1. Must post on time. If you do not post by 7:00MST you will be removed from the Master Follow List, no exceptions. 
2. If you are removed you can be added back into the giveaway within 1 hour of the giveaway start time. Otherwise, you will be added in the following morning.
3. There are TWO MANDATORY REPOSTS. The first repost is the day AFTER the giveaway, it is the 2nd Giveaway promo. A promo is provided for all reposts.  The Second repost is a Last Chance. (You have the option of popting  on your page or to your stories.)
1. Cannot erase the promo until winner has been determined, and has accepted the prize.